Who We Are

We are a leading agri-tech company committed to transforming our platform to process annually renewable crops into more sustainable, high-value ingredients.

We are rapidly transforming into Green Plains 2.0, and we have only begun to harness the potential of our platform.

Transformation. It’s what we do every day by taking a kernel of corn and converting it into sustainable products to help meet the global demand for feed ingredients, specialty alcohols and low carbon fuel. We are in the midst of a broader transformation – expanding our ability to extract additional ingredients from the same annually renewable crops. We are proactively utilizing technologies and partnerships that allow us to harness the potential of these resources. Through this endeavor, we are leading the way toward more effective, more sustainable solutions that make a positive impact on the world.

Our transformation includes deploying world class mechanical and process technology at each of our locations and combining the knowledge and resources of exclusive strategic partnerships with our expertise in fermentation to develop nutritious, valuable ingredients and solutions.

This includes reducing our operating expenses through our Project 24 initiative, expanding our ability to isolate the highest value proteins and making them available as feed ingredients for the pet, aquaculture and dairy markets and expanding our ability to produce higher-value alcohols to meet global demand for sanitizers and spirits.

Our goal is to transform our entire platform by 2023. We believe this will result in a growing financial contribution along the way as we execute on these initiatives.

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Green Plains 2.0

Our Strategy

As a leading biorefining company, we constantly drive meaningful transformation of our platform through technological advancement and innovation to create sustainable, value-added products. Every day we work to create more value from fewer resources, seize meaningful opportunities for our company and innovate products to better serve our customers and the environment.

Our Purpose

We leverage technology to create sustainable products that have a meaningful impact on our customers, the environment and a growing global population. We utilize our extensive experience in agribusiness to make the most out of everything we develop.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

We are committed to serving as true stewards of the environment, thinking in new ways to make an increasingly positive impact on the future. We partner with a growing range of stakeholders to meet a variety of standards for sustainability, including SASB and United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

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Our History

Green Plains distilled its first gallon of environmentally friendly biofuel in Shenandoah, Iowa in 2007. The following year, Todd Becker was named President and Chief Executive Officer of Green Plains. Under his vision and leadership, Green Plains quickly became one of the largest biofuel platforms in the world.

Adding Value to the Agriculture Industry

From 2007 – 2017, we invested significant capital, increasing our footprint well beyond biofuel production and we strategically acquired assets and related businesses, integrating Green Plains across the agricultural value chain.

By the end of 2017, our business had grown to include: 17 ethanol production facilities, the fourth-largest cattle feeding operation in the United States, Green Plains Partners, and Fleischmann’s Vinegar — one of the largest vinegar manufacturers in the world.

Meeting Demand for High Protein

In 2018 we recognized a clear need to address rising environmental concerns without jeopardizing the ability to feed a growing world. At the same time we developed and launched our Portfolio Optimization Plan, which increased operational efficiency and made high protein ingredient solutions our focus. By the end of the year we had divested assets that no longer aligned with our new strategy, debt was reduced and a plan to completely transform our business was implemented.

Focusing on new technologies and building strategic partnerships quickly put Green Plains on the path to becoming a low-cost biorefinery and a large-scale high protein producer. By mid-2020, our Shenandoah, Iowa biorefinery accomplished another “first” with its inaugural shipment of Ultra-High Protein. This is the first of many locations across our platform to implement this innovative production technology.

Producing Essential Ingredients for an Evolving World

As we move into the next phase of our transformation, we remain committed to being a leading producer of high protein feed ingredients and renewable, low-carbon biofuel. In addition, we are proactive in doing our part to support immediate global needs, including the production of industrial-grade alcohol for hand sanitizer and disinfectants and supplying corn oil to customers as a low-carbon feedstock for renewable diesel and biodiesel.

Our strategy for long-term success centers on expanding our biorefining technology, knowledge and partnerships to make a positive impact on people, animals and the environment.