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We develop new and sustainable feed ingredients to meet global demand.

In order to supply rapidly increasing world protein demand, Green Plains has introduced Ultra-High Protein, an ingredient boasting more than 50% protein, with high digestibility and nutritional value. Using Fluid Quip Technologies’ patented Maximized Stillage Co-products (MSC™) system, Ultra-High Protein can be produced sustainably, at scale, without requiring additional land for feedstock production. A recent life cycle analysis showed Ultra-High Protein has a 46% lower carbon intensity than corn gluten meal.

Through exclusive technology partnerships, we are leveraging an existing suite of biotechnology to achieve even higher concentrations of protein and improve the nutritional profile of the end product. Through this combination, we have a proven path to commercial-scale protein concentrations above 60%. The ingredient is also unique for its up to 25% yeast component. Ultra-High Protein is ideal for poultry, swine, aquaculture and pet diets.

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Expanding our protein and feed ingredient capabilities.


A cutting, edge speciality feed ingredient made from a combination of corn and yeast protein, concentrated at a minimum of 60%. As a clean, foundational feed ingredient, SequenceTM raises the nutritional baseline of every ration, with greater versatility, performance and lower-carbon footprint. Learn more at

Ultra-High Protein

This valuable feed ingredient has unique nutritional characteristics, including concentrated yeast and an improved amino acid profile, which lends itself to high digestibility. Our Ultra-High Protein is a cornerstone for developing new feed rations in the companion animal and aquaculture spaces, as well as other verticals.

Post-MSCTM Distillers Grains

Compared to traditional distillers grains, the post-MSCTM distillers grains we produce in conjunction with our Ultra-High Protein are a cleaner and more consistent product with their own unique characteristics.

Additional protein and feed ingredient capabilities.

As a leader in animal feed ingredients, we also offer a variety of additional products to fit our customers’ individual needs. The feeds we produce include wet, modified wet or dried distillers grains with solubles (DDGS). Distillers grains, a major coproduct of the biorefining process, are principally used as a high-energy feed additive marketed to the dairy, beef, swine and poultry industries.

Wet Distillers Grains

Wet distillers grains contain approximately 65% to 70% moisture, and are sold primarily to dairy or cattle feedlots within trucking distance of our biorefineries.

Modified Wet Distillers Grains

Modified wet distillers grains, which have been dried further to approximately 50% to 55% moisture, are marketed to regional dairies and feedlots.

Dried Distillers Grains

Dried distillers grains, which have been dried more extensively to approximately 10% to 12% moisture, may be stored, sold and shipped to any market regardless of its proximity to our biorefineries.

Green Plains is a global leader in leveraging innovative technologies to make essential ingredients the world needs.

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