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Satisfying the appetite of a growing planet.

We develop new and sustainable solutions to meet global food demand.

In order to meet rapidly-expanding world protein demand, Green Plains has introduced Ultra-High Protein. Produced using Fluid Quip Technologies’ patented Maximized Stillage Co-products (MSCTM) system, our Ultra-High Protein has an enhanced protein content of at least 50%. A recent trial at our Wood River, Nebraska, biorefinery succeeded in reaching 60% protein with production levels of up to 4 pounds per bushel. This protein concentration enhances our ability to target higher-value markets such as aquaculture. Utilizing these advanced technologies and other sustainable practices allows us to produce Ultra-High Protein at scale without requiring additional land for feedstock production.

Traditional proteins simply cannot keep up with rapidly-expanding demand because of the pressure put on available farmland – not just in the U.S. – but also in vulnerable ecosystems around the globe. Our corn-based Ultra-High Protein serves as a sustainable, functional and scalable solution to this challenge, and the nutritional benefits far outstrip that of soybean meal and traditional distillers grains.

Green Plains High Protein Plant

Our focus on protein is clearly defined.

  • Productivity
    Ensuring we efficiently transform our annual renewable feedstock into the broadest, most versatile suite of ingredients available.
  • Product Quality
    Delivering consistent value-added ingredients that our customers can build their formulations and rations around.
  • Palatability
    Producing better tasting and better performing ingredients that lead to more predictability on the farm and around the house.


An Optimal Aquafeed employee checking tilapia

Expanding our protein and feed ingredient capabilities.

Ultra-High Protein 

This valuable feed ingredient has unique nutritional characteristics, including concentrated yeast and an improved amino acid profile, which lends itself to high digestibility. Our Ultra-High Protein is a cornerstone for developing new feed rations in the companion animal and aquaculture space.

Post-MSCTM Distillers Grains

Compared to traditional distillers grains, the post-MSCTM distillers grains we produce in conjunction with our Ultra-High Protein are a cleaner and more consistent product with their own unique characteristics. These upgraded ingredients are highly sought after by cattle feeders for their nutritional value, consistency and flowability.

Mechanical and Biological Processes

Our strategic partnerships allow us to unlock additional commercial opportunities in protein production. Fluid Quip’s patented MSCTM technology helps us to achieve protein concentrations of 50% or greater through mechanical separation. Through our exclusive partnership with Novozymes, we can leverage their existing suite of biotechnology to achieve even higher concentrations of protein and improve the nutritional profile of the end product.

Green Plains is a global leader in leveraging innovative technologies to make essential ingredients the world needs.

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