Maximizing corn’s potential through process innovation

Technology game-changers

Green Plains pursues innovative technologies and sustainable processes that can benefit our company’s profitability and the planet’s health, as well as our local farmers and our customer partners. Fluid Quip Technologies is the high-tech key to unlocking additional value in a kernel of corn. The company’s wide-ranging patent portfolio provides access to ag-tech innovations that make our transformation possible.

A Fluid Quip enabled plant

Maximized Stillage Co-Products™ Technology

High Protein feed ingredients

Our Ultra-High Protein, produced with Fluid Quip Technologies’ MSC™ system, captures the yeast and the high-value corn protein from the whole stillage stream at a biorefinery, resulting in 50% or greater protein concentration, which is valuable for pet, aquaculture and dairy rations. This technology is crucial in our work to produce sustainable higher-protein feed ingredients, optimal starch utilization and more – all without expanding crop acreage.

An important additional benefit of the MSC™ system is that it increases the renewable corn oil we extract from the process by 50%. Corn oil serves as a valuable low carbon-intensity feedstock for the production of advanced biofuels like renewable diesel.

A plant with Fluid Quip’s MSC™ system

Clean Sugar Technology™

Developed by Fluid Quip Technologies, CST™ effectively transforms a dry-milling facility into a clean sugar biorefinery where dextrose and glucose replace ethanol as the primary product. Still, it maintains production of high-value coproducts such as renewable corn oil and high-protein feed ingredients. This technology provides industrial quantities of carbohydrate feedstock for manufacturing applications in the growing biochemical, renewable chemicals and synthetic biology industries.

Consistent with our focus on sustainability, CST™ dextrose has a lower carbon intensity score than dextrose from competing wet-milling processes.

Get green faster with our premium dextrose and glucose corn syrups

We are changing the corn syrup landscape with an up to 40% lower carbon footprint and exceptional purity. Our low carbon-intensity dextrose and glucose corn syrups are ideally suited for food formulations, fermentation and catalytic conversion processes in food and beverage manufacturing, as well as in bio-based materials and renewable chemicals.

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Innovation Center at York

The Innovation Center at York is a state-of-the-art laboratory for commercial-scale efficiency and sustainability trials.

Located in the heart of Nebraska, the Innovation Center at York features a pilot fermentation train used to develop algae and yeast fermentation processes, as well as a world-class analytical lab, allowing for rapid testing of process yields. Additionally, the Innovation Center has downstream separation equipment used for on-site pilot development of Fluid Quip Technologies’ CST™ and testing of process enhancements to the patented MSC™ protein recovery system.

Innovation Center at Omaha

The Innovation Center at Omaha opened at the beginning of 2022 and features a commercial-scale aquaculture feed mill, state-of-the-art laboratory space for aquaculture and Fluid Quip Technologies, and further lab space for potential future university partnerships.

Green Plains is excited to add the Innovation Center at Omaha and its full suite of research, development and production capabilities to the company’s portfolio.

Testing within a lab setting

Green Plains is a global leader in leveraging innovative technologies to make essential ingredients the world needs.

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