Dextrose & Glucose Syrups

Providing a low carbon-intensity carbohydrate source.

Building a more sustainable option.

With Fluid Quip Technologies’ Clean Sugar Technology™ (CST™), we are producing low carbon-intensity dextrose and glucose syrups for use in fermentation and catalytic conversion in the production of bioplastics, biochemicals, synthetic biology, alternative proteins and even foods.

Our dextrose and glucose have up to 40% lower carbon intensity (CI) than competitors. Fluid Quip Technologies’ unique patented process allows our biorefinery to skip certain energy-intensive portions of traditional dextrose production. We can help our customers reach their decarbonization goals faster.

We piloted the novel CST™ process at our Innovation Center at York, Nebraska, and are now constructing a commercial-scale facility at our Shenandoah, Iowa, biorefinery.

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Get green faster with our premium dextrose and glucose corn syrups

We are changing the corn syrup landscape with an up to 40% lower carbon footprint and exceptional purity. Our low carbon-intensity dextrose and glucose corn syrups are ideally suited for food formulations, fermentation and catalytic conversion processes in food and beverage manufacturing, as well as in bio-based materials and renewable chemicals.

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Moving toward a circular economy.

As more consumers prioritize products derived from renewable resources, the demand for biobased materials is expected to expand significantly. Our disruptive low-CI dextrose and glucose are poised to achieve far-reaching sustainability benefits. Providing the ingredients to create a wider variety of low-carbon, renewable alternatives to fossil-derived products is the next step in Green Plains’ transformation into the biorefinery platform of the future.

Green Plains is a global leader in leveraging innovative technologies to make essential ingredients the world needs.

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