Transportation & Logistics

Logistics solutions from biorefinery to blender.

Our robust network of biofuel transportation assets and storage facilities keep America moving.

Green Plains continually works to improve how we operate, from our inputs to end product distribution and everything in between. Our Transportation & Logistics strategy includes biofuel and grain storage, fuel terminal facilities and transportation services.

We have established a network of biofuel storage facilities which includes 32 locations at or near our 11 biorefineries in Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, Tennessee and Texas. Our biofuel storage assets have a combined capacity of approximately 32 million gallons and can efficiently load railcars and tanker trucks with biofuels and other value-add products.

Access to fuel terminals is vital.

Our fuel terminals are spread across seven south-central states, with a combined storage capacity of approximately seven million gallons. Each location features fuel storage tanks and access to major rail lines for transporting a range of biofuels.

Green Plains transportation and logistics employees at computer.

An expansive transportation fleet.

Through our controlling stake in Green Plains Partners, a master limited partnership, we manage a wide array of transportation assets. This includes a leased railcar fleet with an aggregate capacity of 85 million gallons, which is wholly dedicated to transporting end products under our commercial agreements with Green Plains, Inc.

Local delivery options give our producers greater peace of mind.

We have significant grain receiving and storage capacity at each of our 11 biorefineries, along with stand-alone grain facilities located in Iowa and Missouri, Green Plains buys bulk grain from area farmers at competitive prices.

Green Plains is a global leader in leveraging innovative technologies to make essential ingredients the world needs.

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