Industrial Alcohols

Delivering high-purity ingredients for sanitizers.

We make high-quality products more accessible.

Industrial alcohols are in thousands of well-known products used by hundreds of businesses and millions of consumers every day, and we are one of the largest producers in the world. We make alcohol that is distilled specifically for use in cleaning products and disinfectants.

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By streamlining our operations, we're better able to serve our customers.

Our high-quality alcohol production facilities are conveniently located for local, national and international customers. Our friendly, highly capable customer service and logistics teams ensure that our customers receive their products as ordered and on time.

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We’re further expanding our production capabilities.

The alcohol we make is considered some of the highest-quality product in the world. Importantly, Green Plains does not sell any fuel grade alcohol for use in disinfectants or sanitizers.

Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, we upgraded our York, Nebraska, and Wood River, Nebraska, locations to produce USP-grade alcohol, cementing our position as a long-term supplier of high-grade alcohols for a variety of industries.

Green Plains is a global leader in leveraging innovative technologies to make essential ingredients the world needs.

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