Responsibly fueling and feeding our growing world.

Doing our part for our employees, our communities and our environment.

Sustainability is ingrained in our culture and guides us in our decision making. This includes how we approach our biorefinery operations to conserve energy and water, support our communities and make products that are truly sustainable and reduce our carbon footprint. We’re dedicated to being proactive in how we identify areas to improve and positively impact our employees, customers and the environment.

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Air Quality

At least 95% of key pollutant emissions captured.

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Water Management

Zero process contact water discharge at all of our 11 biorefineries.

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46% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions per gallon of biofuel compared to a gallon of traditional gasoline. (USDA)

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Feedstock Impacts

100% sourced locally from American farmers.

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Legal & Regulatory

Strong history of compliance.

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Proven track record of safety and success.

What We're Doing Today

Green Plains has always been focused on building strategic partnerships to provide renewable and sustainable products. As we continue to transform our capabilities and expand our impact each step of the way, this includes:

  • Helping to meet global renewable transportation fuel demand, much of which is driven by state level, federal and foreign climate policies
  • Providing less expensive, renewable biofuel alternatives for consumers in the United States and abroad
  • Meeting the world’s growing dietary demands with high protein, plant-based feeds
  • Utilizing annually renewable crops to reduce the need to feed animals to animals and overfish our oceans
  • Improving the security of the food system with healthier livestock and sustainable aquaculture
  • Reducing the need to deforest land for agricultural purposes by utilizing sustainably-farmed and locally-sourced corn


10 Billion

gallons of low-carbon biofuel produced

34.3 MMT

of reduced CO2 emission


lower GHG profile than gasoline


or greater future reduction in GHG emissions

Our Strategic Approach for Tomorrow

In 2019 Green Plains began implementing Project 24, an initiative focused on improving efficiencies and reducing operating costs to 24 cents per gallon at each of our locations. This effort improves our carbon footprint through a reduction in natural gas, electricity and water usage. Using a phased approach, we are implementing these upgrades across our biorefinery platform.

Measuring Our Global Impact

Our strategy revolves around the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) and the UN Sustainable Development Goals:

  • The SASB framework guides our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) integration process to identify risks and opportunities and determine how these factors contribute to sustainable long-term shareholder value.
  • The UN Sustainable Development Goals allow Green Plains to better understand and align our business impact on stakeholders, communities, the environment and the world.

Global Impact

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Directly support over 700 jobs across the U.S.

UN Sustainable Development Goals icon for no poverty

Meet growing global demand for plant-based protein in a sustainable way.

UN Sustainable Development Goals icon for zero hunger

Engage in robust efforts to clean water and efficiently manage water resources across 11 biorefineries.

UN Sustainable Development Goals icon for CLEAN WATER AND SANITATION

Play a significant role in agricultural economic activity in the U.S. Midwest, including purchasing corn locally and directly from American farmers.

UN Sustainable Development Goals icon for DECENT WORK AND ECONOMIC GROWTH

Drive innovative biorefinery process and product development.

UN Sustainable Development Goals icon for Industry, Innovation And Infrastructure

Meet the world's growing food and dietary protein demands with Ultra-High Protein and plant-based feeds.

UN Sustainable Development Goals icon for Responsible Consumption And Production

Reduce particulate matter emissions and carbon footprint of liquid fuel vehicles.

UN Sustainable Development Goals icon for Climate Action

Develop innovative aquaculture diets to reduce overfishing of our oceans.

UN Sustainable Development Goals icon for Life below water

Use designated agricultural land in the U.S. and products derived from it, halting deforestation elsewhere while providing Ultra-High Protein, plant-based feeds.

UN Sustainable Development Goals icon for Life of Land

Our Commitment to Community

Since our founding, Green Plains has been committed to the people and communities we serve. We understand each community where we operate is directly impacted by our actions, and believe it’s our responsibility to be an excellent corporate citizen through sponsorships, charitable donations and volunteerism.

Community Relations Initiatives

Green Plains is a global leader in leveraging innovative technologies to make essential ingredients the world needs.

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