Green Plains Partners

Making biofuels more accessible.

Our end-to-end operation includes biofuel storage and transportation.

Green Plains Partners is a publicly-traded, master limited partnership that was formed in 2015 by Green Plains Inc. The organization focuses on biofuel storage, terminal and transportation services. We provide a closed-loop operation that includes organic projects and acquisitions of complementary assets from third parties, in cooperation with our parent, Green Plains Inc.

Our network of biofuel storage facilities includes 32 locations at or near our parent company’s 11 biorefineries across Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, and Tennessee. Combined, these facilities have the capacity to produce close to 1.0 billion gallons of biofuel annually. Additionally, each of our biorefineries are located adjacent to major rail lines.

Our biofuel storage assets have a combined storage capacity of approximately 32 million gallons, and have the ability to efficiently load railcars and tanker trucks with biofuels and other value-add products.

A Green Plains plant

Our biofuel terminal facilities are strategically located for maximum accessibility.

We provide terminal services and logistics solutions through our fuel terminal facilities which are operated through our wholly owned subsidiary, BlendStar LLC. These fuel terminal facilities, at eight locations in seven south-central states, have fuel holding tanks and access to major rail lines for transporting a range of biofuels. Our fuel terminal facilities have a combined storage capacity of approximately 7.2 million gallons.

Green Plains Fuel Train Car Loading

Our transportation options are designed to ease logistical challenges.

Green Plains Partners’ transportation assets include: a leased railcar fleet that is dedicated to transporting products under commercial agreements with our parent company, from our terminal facilities or third-party production facilities to refineries throughout the United States and international export terminals. Additionally, our Birmingham facility is capable of efficiently receiving and offloading biofuels from unit trains.

Green Plains is a global leader in leveraging innovative technologies to make essential ingredients the world needs.

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