Green Plains Grain

Doing more good using sustainably grown, local feedstock.

We provide convenient delivery options for local producers.

Green Plains places a great deal of value on the relationships we build. This begins with our growers and extends to our final products that bring value to a growing list of industries. Green Plains Grain is a wholly owned subsidiary of Green Plains, and is a bulk grain procurement and storage business.

Green Plains Grain includes grain storage capacity at each of our 10 biorefineries. We buy bulk feedstock, primarily corn, from area farmers. Through our grain procurement process, we focus on building strong relationships and seek ways to improve our services for growers and end users alike.

A field of corn

Adding value to our partners, customers and investors in everything we do.

From how feedstock is unloaded to how it’s processed and delivered as Ultra High Protein, novel feed ingredient or biofuel, we’re committed to strengthening partnerships and processes that are more efficient, more effective and more environmentally sound.

We invest in technologies and partnerships to transform how the sustainable resources we use can produce quality feed ingredients, biofuels, and other products. By implementing these innovations at our existing biorefineries, we drive higher values from the resources we process every single day.

Testing within a lab setting

Green Plains is a global leader in leveraging innovative technologies to make essential ingredients the world needs.

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