Fluid Quip Technologies

Unlocking the value of biorefining

Environmentally-conscious high protein solutions for a hungry world

Using best in class practices, Fluid Quip Technologies® (Fluid Quip) focuses on the development of industrial-scale applications for extracting additional value-added components from sustainable biorefining processes. Using leading edge technologies and sustainable solutions, our growing suite of commercialized patented technologies and intellectual property help to create diverse products while improving the environmental impact and carbon footprint of renewable alcohols, food and feed around the world.

Our team’s extensive technological expertise coupled with the economies of scale from our supply chain gives us a significant operating advantage. Automation solutions and other efficiency drivers help to accelerate the deployment of new technologies for Green Plains, and allows for more rapid development of advanced technologies for the entire biofuels industry.

A truck is loaded with ddg at a Green Plains plant

Renewable. Sustainable. The Building Blocks of the Bioeconomy.

With the global demand for sustainable proteins and ingredients rising at an unprecedented pace, agricultural processors are under pressure to get the most out of every bushel of feedstock, while simultaneously reducing their impact on the environment. While many technologies are available in the marketplace today, the focus for producers should be on efficient and efficacious solutions to meet the growing needs. Fluid Quip’s proprietary technology will help advance the installation of Ultra-High Protein technology across the Green Plains platform, significantly increasing the amount of renewable distiller’s corn oil (DCO) captured for use as a low carbon feedstock in the rapidly expanding renewable diesel market. These upgrades will further reduce operating expenses and significantly expand product offerings, all while reducing the overall impact on the environment.

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