Animal Feeds

Providing feed ingredients to America's livestock producers.

We produce distillers grains, a nutritious feed ingredient.

As a leader in animal feed ingredients, we offer a variety of products that fit our customers’ individual needs. The feeds we produce include wet, modified wet or dried distillers grains. Distillers grains, a major co-product of the biorefining process, are principally used as a high-energy feed additive marketed to the dairy, beef, swine and poultry industries.


A head of animal feed

Wet Distillers Grains

Wet distillers grains contain approximately 65% to 70% moisture, and are sold primarily to dairy or cattle feedlots within the immediate vicinity of a biorefinery.

Modified Wet Distillers Grains

Modified wet distillers grains, which have been dried further to approximately 50% to 55% moisture, are marketed to regional dairies and feedlots.

Dried Distillers Grains

Dried distillers grains, which have been dried more extensively to approximately 10% to 12% moisture, may be stored, sold and shipped to any market regardless of its proximity to a biorefinery.

Cows in a feed lot.

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