Optimal Aquafeed

Innovating to meet the unique needs of aquaculture producers.

We design feed formulations for specific species and aquaculture systems.

Optimal Aquafeed connects aquaculture producers to high-quality, nutritional, value-added feed products. Just as varying soils require different inputs to produce quality crops, aquaculture producers face varying needs and challenges based on what species they’re feeding and where they’re located.

Our approach begins with listening and learning about each producer’s unique operations in order to produce the right high-protein feed ingredients. Through strategic partnerships and innovative processes, we can incorporate high-quality agricultural products, along with plant-based proteins, algae and other single-cell protein ingredients to successfully meet the growing needs of our customers.

A Green Plains employee at our Optimal Aquafeed location

Creating opportunity through advanced technology.

Different animal feeds

Optimal Aquafeed partners with industry leaders to develop biological feed solutions. Our expertise in microbes and enzymes allows us to best utilize bioconversion to create highly sustainable and complete feed products that support the growth and health of a wide range of fish species. As we continue to explore ways to bring value to this industry, we seek opportunities to provide transparency, partnership and customization.


Optimal Aquafeed is ideally positioned to bring these solutions to market and is in process of scaling up to help meet specific needs of both conventional and recirculating aquaculture systems.

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